University Teaching

Teaching is all about getting students to think clearly and for themselves. In my classes, we learn how to discern arguments and evaluate them logically, and how to judge whether the conclusions people draw are justified by reasons or are mere opinion. These skills enable you to function as good citizens beyond university. I’m not so fussed about historical information. It’s a means for introducing a wide range of theories and viewpoints, but getting you to know it all isn’t my main aim.

Current teaching

At present, I mostly teach logic classes: 3rd year Advanced Logic (autumn semester) and 2nd year Intermediate Logic (spring semester).

I’ve also contributed lectures on Universal Basic Income and inequality in education to Nottingham’s Philosophy and the Contemporary World module.

Previously, I’ve also taught:

  • Epistemology (MA level)
  • Elementary Logic (1st year)
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Mind and Knowledge (MA level)
  • Appearance and Reality
  • Formal Logic 1 and 2
  • Philosophy & Cognitive Science
  • Reason & Knowledge
  • Wittgenstein & After
  • Self, Mind & Body
  • Chance in the World
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Self & Mind
  • Truth & Meaning
  • Plus some Computer Science classes

PhD Students

I’m always interested in applications from PhD students! Nottingham has funding available (AHRC, plus other schemes for International students). So if you’re interested in working with me, get in touch!!!

I’d be in interested in supervising work on any of the topics I’ve worked on, or related areas, including:

  • Metaphysics: Truthmaking, grounding, essence, truth, impossible worlds
  • Formal Logic: truthmaker semantics, modal logic, relevant logic, logic of truth, paradoxes
  • Language: meaning, compositional semantics, indexicals, belief ascriptions
  • Social philosophy: social construction