Academic Articles

Most are freely available on PhilPapers. You can see who's cited them on Google Scholar, should that be something you want to do.

Recent (ish) academic articles

Which Fitch?


Disjunctive Parts

In Kit Fine: Outstanding Contributions to Logic

The Truthmaker Account of Propositions

In Routledge Handbook of Propositions

Wellbeing, values, and planning in environmental management

with Ken Wallace, David Pannell, and Milena Kiatkoski Kim, Journal of Environmental Management.

Private Schools and Queue-Jumping: A Reply to White

with Ian James Kidd, Journal of Philosophy of Education.

Classifying human wellbeing values for planning the conservation and use of natural resources

with Ken Wallace, Milena Kim, Abbie Rogers, and David Pannell), forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Management.

Truthmaker Semantics for Relevant Logic

Journal of Philosophical Logic, 2019

A Short Argument for Truthmaker Maximalism

Analysis, 2019

Essential bundle theory and modality

Synthese, 2018

Knowing How Things Might Have Been

Synthese, 2018

From Nature to Grounding

In Reality and its Structure, 199–216, 2018

Material Objects and Essential Bundle Theory

Philosophical Studies, 2017

Propositions as Truthmaker Conditions

Argumenta, 293–308, 2017

Advanced Modalizing Problems

Mind, 627–642, 2016


In Reality Making, 1–10, 2016

Essence and the Grounding Problem

In Reality Making, 99–120, 2016

Hyperintensional Propositions

Synthese, 2015

The Impossible

Oxford University Press, 2014

The Problem of Rational Knowledge

Erkenntnis, 1151–1168, 2014

Against Yagisawa's Modal Realism

Analysis, 10–17, 2013

Recent Work in Relevant Logic

Analysis, 526–541, 2013

The Problem with Truthmaker Gap Epistemicism

Thought, 320–329, 2013

Impossible Worlds

Nous, 713–728, 2013

The Cost of Truthmaker Maximalism

Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 460–474, 2013

The Content of Deduction

Journal of Philosophical Logic, 317–334, 2013

Are Impossible Worlds Trivial?

In The 2012 Logica Yearbook, 2013