Research Projects

Here are the projects I’m working on, or have been working on over the past few years.

I’m always interested in collaborating, so if there’s something here you like the look of and would like to be involved, please drop me a line!


Islamophiobia, antisemitism, and other forms of discrimination against religious minorities are a stain on society and they’re on the rise. Religious minorities need special protection in law and in social conduct generally.

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What makes a thing the thing it is, rather than something else? What makes it the kind of thing it is, rather than something else entirely?

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The latter half of the 20th Century witnessed an ‘intensional revolution’: a great collective effort to analyse notions which are absolutely fundamental to our understanding of the world and of ourselves in terms of a single concept.

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Social Metaphysics

Philosophy matters because it consists of thinking about what matters most to us. And right now, social issues are what matter to many people.

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Truth and Truthmaking

This project has three components, giving an account of the truthmakers, the truthbearers, and the relationship between them. As part of this research, I developed an account of (non-linguistic) facts, including negative, conjunctive and existential facts.

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Truthmaker Semantics

Truthmaker Semantics is a new philosophical approach to questions about meaning, with applications in logic and philosophy of language. Truthmaker semantics has roots in the situation semantics of Barwise and Perry and, going back further, in the logical atomism of Russell and Wittgenstein.

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